Source code for pathomx.displayobjects

import os
from copy import copy
from . import utils
from IPython.nbconvert.filters.markdown import markdown2html_mistune

css = os.path.join(utils.scriptdir, 'html', 'css', 'style.css')

[docs]class BaseObj(object): def __unicode__(self): return def __init__(self, data, **kwargs): = copy(data)
[docs]class Svg(BaseObj): pass
[docs]class Html(BaseObj): def __init__(self, data, **kwargs): if type(data) == str or type(data) == unicode: html_data = data # Support IPython notebook aware objects elif hasattr(data, '_repr_html_'): html_data = data._repr_html_() if '<html' in html_data: = html_data else: # Incomplete HTML wrap with the default CSS = '''<html> <head><title>About</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="{css}"></head> <body> <div class="container" id="notebook-container"> <div class="cell border-box-sizing text_cell rendered"> <div class="inner_cell"> <div class="text_cell_render border-box-sizing rendered_html">{html}</div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>'''.format(**{'baseurl': 'file://' + os.path.join(utils.scriptdir), 'css': 'file://' + css, 'html': html_data})
[docs]class Markdown(Html): def __init__(self, data, **kwargs): super(Markdown, self).__init__(markdown2html_mistune(data))